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Whether you want to maneuver around a dock, adjust your position in a tight spot or simply bump the boat around on the open lake the Nautique Integrated Steering Assist feature is the key to a better driving experience. Check out Nautique team rider Shaun Murray as he gives you an in-depth look at exactly how it works and the different ways to engage this incredible new feature for 2018.



The now 4X Wakesurf and 5X Wakeboard boat of the year consecutively, the Super Air Nautique G23 stands alone at the top of the towed watersports boat world. From beginner to pro, the G23 continues to stand alone and dominate in terms of wakeboard performance, wakesurf performance and an overall exceptional product to the customer. As the industry’s gold standard, the G23 pushes the boundaries of both sports and is the clear choice of riders everywhere. No other boat in the history of the sport of wakeboarding has had more firsts behind it than the iconic G23.

Along with the Super Air Nautique G23’s accomplishments during the WakeWorld Riders Choice Awards, two Nautique athletes, Noah Flegel and Meagan Ethell, took home top honors in their respective disciplines. Noah Flegel won the Wakesurfer of the Year award, while Meagan Ethell won the Female Wakeboarder of the Year. Both Nautique athletes train behind the history-making G23 and had an incredible 2017 season.


NAUTIQUE BOATS - WHATS NEW FOR 2018 (August 1, 2017)

At Nautique, we are focused on innovation and strive to be constantly improving our product line. We take pride in incorporating state-of-the-art technology and bringing more convenience with new and exciting features each year. We strive to deliver an unmatched experience so that our customers know, there is nothing like stepping onto a new Nautique.

Integrated Steering Assist™

The brand-new Integrated Steering Assist utilizes a thruster at the stern of our G-Series models for better maneuverability in tight quarters, around the dock or on the open lake. Quickly move the transom of the boat to the left or right, this functionality greatly improves the driving experience.

GoPro® Transom Mount

Want the best angle in the game? Connect your GoPro quickly and easily with our transom GoPro mount so that you can get the perfect photo or video clip.

Full Color Interiors

A beautifully simple and bold look can take the interior of your new Nautique to the next level. Now, primary interior and seat-boxing choices utilize our entire vinyl collection with a wider array of color options for you to choose from.

JL Audio® Head Unit and Transom Remote

Our stereo system is even more seamless. Now, control all of the beautifully crisp sound of the JL Audio speakers with the JL Audio MM100s head unit and separate rear transom remote control for unmatched sound quality.

Gelcoat & Vinyl Colors

All-new gel coat color options available for 2018 including Admiral Blue, Solar Red, Admiral Blue Metal Flake, Masters Blue Metal Flake, Victory Red Metal Flake and Medallion Metal Flake. Sahara Sand, Admiral Blue and Solar Red are the new vinyl options.

Enhanced Courtesy Lighting Package

Our courtesy lighting package for 2018 now offers a wide variety of LED color options for cup holders, select Nautique badging and courtesy lights throughout the interior of the boat. Completely customize your lighting experience easily via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.

Nautique Strapless Board Racks

The all-new over-molded design now provides even more protection for your boards from dents and dings, and still provide the ease-of-use and functionality you know from the best board racks on the market.

G-Series Flight Control Tower®

Our re-designed towers for this year offer 6” of additional height for improved headroom. New styling and design package color breaks add to the already legendary design and the functionality of the G-Series towers.

GoPro Ready

Connect and control your GoPro camera with our intuitive LINC Panoray touchscreen. You can utilize all of the most-used functions of your GoPro and have a live view of exactly what you’re recording.

Stereo Zone Control

Customize the music volume in different areas of your Nautique with integrated zone control. The ability to customize zones comes standard on all Super Air Nautiques, or you can opt for additional zones for more control and a better experience for your passengers.

210 / 230 Upgrades

For 2018 the Super Air Nautique 210 and 230 have significant upgrades including new gel coat patterns, a re-designed helm incorporating the LINC Panoray Touchscreen, a new Flight Control Tower and new interior styling options just to name a few.


Wake Foiling ~ Come fly with us.

 “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ? Leonardo da Vinci 

This summer you are invited to discover a completely new riding experience with the sport of Wakefoiling. No matter what type of rider you are or what kind of boat you have, you will discover the magic of flight. 

With the Slingshot Wakefoiler package, you will learn the necessary skills to fly smoothly over the water like an eagle soaring through the sky. Imagine what it would feel like to ride on a magic carpet, or glide across the sky on the wings of a bird. This feeling is now possible at your local lake, behind the boat you currently own. Life is changed and opportunities are expanded. 

Hydrofoil technology has come a long way since the days of the Air Chair and Sky Ski. A new era in foilboarding is currently transforming all watersports, including surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding. Riders can now experience the ‘joy of flight’ with these new and innovative hydrofoiling products.

Slingshot is the FIRST company to offer a complete wake foil system designed to let you learn your basic flying skills in a step-by-step, safe and efficient manner. Once your basic skills are developed, you will be able to expand what is possible behind the boat. The Slingshot Wakefoiler Package includes everything you need to get started: A short (15”) mast for learning and a longer (24”) mast for advanced flying. The Wakefoiler also incorporates a 12” track system that enables you to control the amount of lift created from the front wing. This feature lets you enjoy the gift of flight at slower boat speeds in a safe & progressive manner. 



• Brings an exciting new challenge and flying sensation to towable watersports 
• Have fun at slower safer speeds (8-12 mph) 
• Blow minds as you transform your local waterway 
• Easy to use and fun to learn 
• Turn choppy water into your favorite time ride 
• Everyone can share- one per boat is all you need 

The Wakefoiler system comes complete with
All foil components and hardware, one short mast, one long mast, Wake Foil board and padded foil cover. You can also learn to wake foil for free exclusively at

Board: 7.9lbs
Foil with 15” mast= 9.8 lbs. 
Foil with 24” mast = 10.2 lbs
Board Length = 4' 10"
Board Width = 20"
Thickness = 1 3/8"
Volume = 18.9 L




Progress From The Foundation Up

A Regal boat earns its reputation for inspiring performance based on the design of its hull — the core over which everything else is built. The FasTrac is engineered with a full-beam step to reduce drag and friction, a patented innovation that's garnered acclaim and awards from the industry and our selective owners.

Where Flexibility Becomes An Option

A boat should fit the enthusiast's lifestyle without compromise. The PowerTower allows more space for watersports equipement and speakers. With a tow eye and the pulling strength of three traditional aluminum sport towers, the option is designed to thrill and deliver flexibility at the touch of a button.